Let’s think about you for a moment. At this point in your life, how do you view yourself as a writer? You and your fellow students might have a hard time answering this question. Consider the above quote by Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher. Understanding your writing skills and perceptions of your own writing abilities are the keys to becoming a better writer and a media professional.


Consider factors in your life that have influenced your writing development, such as the quality of writing instruction you received in grade school and high school, your family life, how much you read, and how much you watch television. Today, your writing skills as a college student may be well served by your past instruction, technology use, and home life. On the other hand, you may need review and practice.


If you are a millennial or postmillennial student (born roughly between 1982 and the first decade of the twenty-first century), you are standing at a unique juncture of history. New media technologies have enriched your life in countless ways. Over the past decade, social media have become well established in the media professions. In your career, you can expect to write for employers and clients across a range of social media platforms.


“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
—Aristotle, Greek Philosopher