Regardless of your age, knowing your strengths and weaknesses enables you to see where you need to improve and perhaps identify a career direction. For example, if you are skilled at explaining facts, details, and issues, then you would probably make a strong journalist or public relations writer.


If you can write inspiring commercial copy, you could be headed for a successful career in advertising. But first, we have to build the right skill sets. Do you frequently encounter difficulties with grammar, spelling, or punctuation? Do you often draw a blank when it’s time to begin writing? How do you come up with creative ideas when facing deadline pressure? You’ll rest easier once you begin to work on overcoming these challenges using the strategies that media professionals employ. Media professionals carefully consider their situations and audiences as they write news stories, blogs, or advertisements.


They identify the facts and determine what is most important for their readers or viewers to know. Before setting their fingers to the keyboard, they think hard about how they will approach their writing task. You can learn these strategies too. Over the next steps, you’ll see how it’s done. Do you believe that good writers are born or made? We have all observed that some people seem to be gifted writers from an early age, while others struggle to master the basics.