Public relations practitioners work to influence public opinion, manage relationships with key publics, and create favorable publicity for their clients and employers. Work settings can range from agencies and corporations to hospitals, sports teams, school districts, and nonprofit organizations. Throughout the public relations process, you can expect to work extensively with print, digital, broadcast, and cable media. You will also utilize a range of social media channels to tell your client’s or employer’s story.


Many times, you will plan for and manage crises. It should come as no surprise that the bulk of the public relations professional’s work and the biggest career rewards are directly related to writing skills. Whether you are writing a speech for a corporate CEO, releasing new product information through your company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, drafting an online news release in response to a crisis, or editing the company newsletter, you will be polishing your writing skills every day. Advertising is about creating messages that move people to action. Arguably, it is the most creative of the media writing sectors.


Copy writers create new messages with fresh approaches to selling clients’ brands, products, and services. Advertising professionals must understand pop culture and current events, and use what they know to generate attention among consumers in key demographic groups.