Writing approaches describe the way you think about undertaking a writing task. Do you plan it out and employ a strategy? Or, do you simply write whatever pops into your head first? This is a critical distinction because, as noted above, professionals rely upon specific strategies when they take on any writing assignment.


Equally important, writers who have developed strategies believe they can write well, and therefore enjoy higher self-efficacy. Finally, developing a set of writing strategies enables you to take a deep approach to your writing, exploring new meaning and insight instead of relying upon a surface approach, which means repeating or reproducing ideas already developed by others. Once you have completed the MWSP Scale, you can consult with your instructor to discuss ways to approach your development as a writer. The Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation (GSP) Test is a diagnostic exam you can take to determine your skill levels in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.


You can take this test and then consult with your instructor to work on any deficiencies you find. Once you have established your writing self-perceptions and skill levels, you can practice writing for the media professions in the upcoming chapters and consult with your instructor to complete exercises and assignments. Then, you can meet periodically with him or her to review progress and continue your pathway to success.