You are the public relations director for Twin Lakes Regional Hospital, which will soon be building a new urgent care clinic in the heart of downtown Beldaire. To be known as City Centre Urgent Care, the new clinic will expand medical services to an underserved sector of your community. However, the project has created some controversy because its construction will displace the New Day Homeless Shelter, which has been a lifeline in the community for the past twenty years.


Twin Lakes’ management has placed you in charge of announcing the opening of the clinic and creating positive publicity around it. You decide to begin by writing a news release for local and regional media to announce the project. Consider situation and audience together. As a savvy public relations practitioner, you know that the strength of the writing in your news release will largely be determined by how carefully you have considered these two factors.


You are excited about City Centre Urgent Care and the services your doctors will soon be able to provide to downtown Beldaire residents who badly need access to urgent care. At the same time, you are thinking hard about the homeless people who will have to relocate to another shelter several miles away.