Following these starting points, Martinez drafts three copy ideas. In one, a personality at the auto dealership yells responses that answer the above questions she just listed. The second version is a brief narrative to be read by a radio DJ and focuses on the high demand for and price savings on the vehicles. The third idea enlists an actor playing a husband explaining to his wife why they need to go to the sale to replace their car. Martinez reads each of the three copy ideas over the phone to her client, who says he likes the first and the last ones. She turns the copy over to the production engineer, who produces rough copies of both ads over the next two days.


Martinez brings the semifinished commercials to the auto dealership managers for final approval. They decide they would like to go with commercial three. The production staff finishes the commercial the following week, and it is ready to run in time for the sale. Describe the changing landscape of twenty-first-century media. This landscape is uncertain, yet full of opportunities for aspiring journalists, public relations practitioners, advertising professionals, and others who are strong storytellers, able to write well across media platforms.


What do customers who show up for this sale gain that they would not normally gain
at other sales?

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