Meta’s AI Studio : Will AI Agents Have a Significant Value in Social Media Platforms?

AI socially interacting wuth humansIn a YouTube interview conducted by Kane Sutter,
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the launching of the initial stage of Meta’s “AI Studio.” The purpose of which is to build AI bots that will act as agents of an IG account holder when interacting with followers and fans via direct messaging (DM).

development of AI bots Currently, the platform that will give Instagram creators the ability to build AI versions of themselves on Instagram is still in the beta testing stage. Zuckerberg says that the simple use case of the AI Studio is to provide AI bots that will be able to deliver fact-based and generic answers in the style of the IG account holder.

The Meta CEO says AI Studio creators will have the ability to train their AI bots based on the different aspects of their social media existence. It denotes that AI creators will be able to build more than one life-like replicas of themselves when interacting in various communities.

Currently, selected creators are testing how the AI bot will answer questions in accordance with their style of interaction.

AI Bot Engagements Come with a Disclaimer

To make it clear to followers and fans that they’re not interacting with the IG account holder, the AI bot will appear with a stars icon in the message tab. In addition, disclaimer notes will likewise appear to explain that the chat messaging is a bot response stream.

Apparently, Zuckerberg is convinced that celebrities and influencers will find value in adding AI bot versions of themselves. He is also optimistic that eventually, people will be provided with the capability to build AI characters that contribute User Generated Content (UGC), and to engage in different styles and ways of interactions.

Questioning the Value of AI Bots in Authentic Social Interactions Between Humans

Many are already questioning the real value of AI agents that mimic actual humans, particularly when used in apps that promote authentic social interactions and connections. There is a possibility that humans will subsequently decline participation in a social media platform where mostly bots and not real humans interact by way of automated engagements.

However, Meta CEO Zuckerberg’s comments and responses were noted as rather vague but broad reaching. He gave indications that future AI updates will include hologram-like projections of real humans and better translations.